German Association of Psychologists

The German Association of Psychologists places its emphasis on the following aims and main tasks:

  • representation of and responsibility for all issues of professional psychology including the training and education of psychologists as well as the definition of criteria for good practice of the discipline (ethical and occupational standards)
  • lobbying government bodies, authorities and social groups as well as increasing public awareness of problems and questions related to psychology as a scientific discipline and professional practice.
  • providing information about psychological health care and services, psychologically relevant working conditions and the application of up to date scientific knowledge in professional psychology.
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We support all psychologists in their professional practice and in consolidating their professional identity. We achieve this, among other things, by providing guidance in establishing a professional existence and by continuously providing up-to-date information from science and practice for everyday professional life.

We open up and secure professional fields and ensure that findings in psychology are implemented competently and responsibly. In addition, we strengthen the reputation of all psychologists in public and represent our own professional policy positions in society.

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