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Solidaritätsbekundung an die Lebanese Psychological Association


Dear Aimee Nasser Karam,

it was with great shock and dismay that we learned about the horrific explosions happening in Beirut on August 4th and their devastating consequences for the people of Lebanon.

We send our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims and wish you and the Lebanese citizens strength in these difficult times. Additionally we stand in solidarity beside all humanitarian workers having to deal with this massive crisis of unimagined dimensions.

Our thoughts are with our colleagues who make an immense contribution to the immediate emergency aid by caring for the affected. The work of the members of the Lebanese Psychological Association, both now but also in the aftermath of the events, is more important than ever.


Dr. Meltem Avci-Werning, President
Annette Schlipphak, Vice-president
Gunter Nittel Vice-president Vice-president


>> Antwort der Lebanese Psychological Association


Dear Board of the German Association of Psychologists, 

I am ccing on this mail, the current LPA President, Mrs Shahnaz Baroudy. Together, with a deep sense of gratitude and humbleness, we acknowledge receipt of your solidarity note. 

Your gesture is of a significant support to us and we feel grateful for that. It is with strength, courage, resilience and hope that we will fight back this black episode of our nation and offer our help to our community. 

We send you our warmest regards

Thank you.
Aimee Karam, PhD